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How Much Is a Podcast Worth?

Making a podcast requires a considerable investment.

It costs money, consistency, time, etc. Add to that having all the equipment (recording studio, etc.) and the human talent (producer, editor, graphic designer, etc.) to help you create a very high-quality product that contributes to making it appealing and successful. Whether it's just audio or video, the format will determine how much you need to invest.


However, cost should not be a factor that stops you if it's a project you want to start. If you really want to do it, you can start on the day you decide with the resources you have. The important thing is to start and understand that things will gradually evolve and change for the better.


How much it costs to make a podcast differs entirely from what it's worth. The value of a podcast is priceless. It's incalculable because once you start filling a space in people's lives, you do it because they connect with you, your story, and what you bring.


There's a concept that may sound cliché, but a podcast helps build community. And what is a community in a digital environment? It's a virtual space where people with similar values, interests, and curiosities come together.

I witnessed the value of a podcast firsthand when working with Me Vale Madre Podcast. Starting with the minimum necessary resources, Michelle Dernersissian and Edmary Fuentes launched a project that celebrated its first anniversary in January 2024 with a fantastic event with their community, of which I had the opportunity to be a part.

MVM Retreat. Rosella Papale. Edmary Fuentes. Michelle Dernersissian
Me Vale Madre Full Day Retreat. Jan 2024. LR: Rosella Papale. Edmary Fuentes. Michelle Dernersissian. Picture credit: Michelle Dernersissian

The value of this podcast is measured in trust, authenticity, curiosity, and the freedom with which Edmary and Michelle converse with their guests about motherhood and how to navigate it, but they also dedicate time to understanding the different stages of a woman's life. They share their own experiences, and many women have that "aha moment" of "it's not just me," and that is invaluable.


In each episode, they offer information that many women identify with, who now trust them so much that in social media and face-to-face events, there's a magical and open energy to have honest conversations about their concerns and understand their value as women and mothers.

This podcast is now in its walking age; it has grown, changed, and is getting better every day, and its community grows with it every day.


Getting to know Michelle and Edmary has been a gift from 2023 to my 2024. It's an honor and a pleasure to work with them. Watching them in their natural environment, in full flow during the recordings, and appreciating their meticulous attention to their community, providing the best and making them feel accompanied, is truly invaluable to me.

Me Vale Madre Podcast Full Day Retrear
Me Vale Madre Podcast First Anniversary Full Day Retreat. Jan 2024.Picture credit: EdgarFuentes.

Podcasts have become a powerful tool to bring brands to life with global reach because they can be seen/heard anywhere in the world.


From entrepreneurs to professionals in various fields who want to share and multiply their knowledge or, on the other hand, want to provide a little distraction and entertainment, they can benefit from having a podcast.


However, and with all honesty, I tell you that having a podcast is not for everyone. It's a commitment that requires an investment of time and money, as well as consistency and discipline. Nothing complicated, right? The life of a podcast is long, and to reach different levels of growth in monetization and audience, you have to be constant and patient, sow to then reap.


My experience with Me Vale Madre Podcast made me understand this much more closely. Those who have requested my help or advice about starting their podcast, I have given them this same speech, as well as providing them with the necessary tools so that they can start at their own pace.


In conclusion, if you ask me how much a podcast is worth, I can tell you that a podcast (based on its value) is priceless, "for everything else, there's MasterCard."


Don't forget to enjoy the creative processes; your audience will notice.


Until next time,



The Brandketing Nerd

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