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Presented by Rosella Papale in Partnership with Digital Marketer

Rosella is a Brandketing Nerd & Strategist with more than six years of combined experience in branding, marketing signs, printing & graphics. She loves to have fun bringing brands to life!

Most people think personal brands are for artists, influencers, or famous people, and they are wrong.

Personal branding is for everyone and has been gaining importance recently due to more people taking the entrepreneurial journey. Also because people have begun to understand the importance of developing a personal brand to help them accomplish their goals successfully.

Once you finish this course, you will have the general knowledge and tools to bring your brand to life.
In this course, you will learn...
  • How to use your personal brand to help you build authority, reputation, recognition, and trust.

  • Using a tried and true in-depth questionnaire to get to know yourself.

  • How to use the IKIGAI tool to start the process of finding your purpose.

  • How to interpret your results to pinpoint your brand’s biggest attribute.

  • How to define your personal brand’s message.

  • How to define your visual identity.

  • How to execute your personal branding campaign.

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