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We are BRANDKETING NERDS on a mission: to bring brands to life. We believe brands are living beings.

We use customized BRANDKETING solutions to bind together all the elements to bring your brand to life online and offline.

What we are today started more than six years ago as a sign shop. At the time, our funder noticed clients' main struggle in communicating with their audience, being consistent, and growing their businesses. Therefore, transitioned into RP Branding Studio, offering BRANDKETING (branding+marketing) solutions.

Truth be told, after a while, our branding wasn't true to our mission; therefore, we evolved into Higgs Hub. Higgs comes from the "God particle" or "Higgs boson," which is considered to have caused the Big Bang that created our Universe long ago. Hub is a central point where things converge.

We strive for excellence and understand perfection doesn't exist, but that won't be an excuse; we'll give you our best every time. Our Creative Bing Bang is fun and stress-free and involves you, teamwork, creativity, communication, and lots of coffee.

Our clients are the heroes of our story, and we are here to help them and guide them in their journey to success.


Rosella was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. She moved to the United States at some point in her life, looking for new and better opportunities. This was a life-changing decision as she left behind her family and friends and her career as a Medical Doctor -an Anesthesiologist- to open a business and become an entrepreneur in a new country.

Along the way of learning about signs, printing, and graphics, she went back to school. She got an MBA with a specialization in Marketing Management. Throughout those years, she fell in love with branding and marketing.

After working with small businesses and entrepreneurs, she noticed their struggle communicating with their audience, being consistent, and growing their businesses. This is why she founded Higgs Hub (formerly RP Branding Studio). She brings creativity and over five years of experience in signs, printing, graphics, branding, and marketing to help others bring their brands to life.

Rosella is an active member of the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce and currently serves as a Director on the Board of Directors. She also serves on the Advisory Board for Women for Success Nonprofit. She is a member of the South Miami Rotary Club and Ladies Ledger.

She has been awarded Outstanding Woman-Owned Business at the Diamond Awards 2018 and the Overall Rising Star at the Rising Start Awards 2019 by the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce. She has been featured in private branding training, digital magazines and podcasts.

She loves to help people in any way possible and give back to the community. You can find her at the beach, reading, watching movies, or spending quality time with her friends when she is not working.



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