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A Healthcare Branding Case Study: Dra. Rosanna Papale

A Journey of Transformation

When Dr. Rosanna Papale moved to Brazil a decade ago, she faced the daunting challenge of reestablishing her medical career in a new country. Determined and passionate about her field, she embarked on a journey to not only validate her credentials but also to build a brand that would resonate in her new home.

Dra. Rosanna Papale

Brand Overview

Name: Dra. Rosanna Papale

Industry: Healthcare

Specialization: Otorhinolaryngology and Facial Surgery

Location: Osasco, Brazil

Branding Challenges

Dr. Papale faced the challenge of starting her medical practice in a new country where she lacked the established network and opportunities she had in her home country. Our main objective was to create a brand that would resonate with potential patients and colleagues, setting her apart from other professionals in her field.

Objectives for Brand Development

The goals for the healthcare branding efforts were:

  • Develop a brand with a defined personality, style, messaging, and tone/voice that is easily recognizable and memorable.

  • Ensure the brand can stand out from other physicians in the same field.

  • Create visual assets, including a logo, color palette, typography, photography style, and other elements that clearly communicate the brand's identity.

  • Design a cohesive brand that wouldn't require frequent updates or changes.

Strategy for a Successful Branding

We utilized a proven questionnaire to gather comprehensive information about Dr. Papale’s desired brand positioning and define attributes, personality, style, archetype, tone/voice, etc. This foundation allowed us to create a brand and visual elements that accurately represented her.

Branding Process

Stylescape Brand Dra. Rosanna Papale

  1. Brand Analysis: After Dr. Papale completed the questionnaire, we presented her with a Brand Analysis to ensure we were in alignment with her vision.

  2. Research: We conducted thorough research on other professionals in her field and area of influence to identify unique elements for differentiation.

  3. Stylescapes: We designed three Stylescapes inspired by three different European countries such as France, Greece, and Italy. Each featured typography options, color palettes, and proposed brand aesthetics. Dr. Papale selected the one that resonated most with her vision.

  4. Design and Development: Based on the chosen Stylescape, we finished the design process, developing the logo, stationary, and other visual elements to bring the brand to life.

  5. Brand Assets: We provided logos in all necessary formats, a brand book, social media cover pictures, business cards, envelopes, prescription pads, and letterhead designs ready for production in Brazil.

Dra. Rosanna Papale Stationary Mockup


The resulting brand for Dr. Rosanna Papale is:

  • Brand Archetype: The Caregiver

  • Brand Style: European-contemporary, Greek-inspired

  • Brand Personality: Feminine, youthful, approachable, natural, friendly, bright

  • Brand Voice: Caring, warm, gentle, welcoming, motherly, generous, and thoughtful

The brand features a soft color palette and a bright photography style that incorporates hints of the brand colors. The logo wordmark uses feminine typography inspired by Greek architectural details, framed by an asymmetrical border reminiscent of Greek columns. The primary color scheme contrasts blue and white, evoking the iconic Greek islands, with additional light red and sand tones representing flora and the color of the ancient ruins. The chosen typography for all brand applications is modern and complements the secondary font used in the logo.

Client Feedback

Dr. Rosanna Papale shared her experience:

"HIGGS HUB helps create your brand's visual identity from scratch. In my case, it helped create my image as a doctor, and from there boost my practice. Their work goes beyond creating your personal brand (logo, stationery, business cards), it can also help you position yourself on social networks, create your website, everything that is necessary to make your brand known.
Rosella is super creative and gives you many ideas that sometimes you would not have thought of, but that really make a difference in the result. Super grateful for what he did for me!! 100% recommended."

Additional Information

The process was enjoyable and stress-free. We gave Dr. Papale ample time to complete each step of the creative process, offered timely feedback, and answered all her questions. We are delighted she chose us and that she is now enjoying her new brand to promote her practice.

Until next time


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